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Client Testimony

One of our clients has shared thier story… (the counsellor’s name has been changed and some aspects of the story removed to preserve anonimity)

Confide Counselling Service has been a vital source of support for me. I was initially unable to attend regular counselling sessions because of my anxiety disorder, which made it very difficult for me to leave the house. I found out about the free telephone service through the Confide website. After a short wait I started counselling with Julia. I found the sessions helpful and wanted to continue, so I eventually moved onto the low-fee service. I was then able to progress and attend some sessions face to face. However if I couldn’t attend on some weeks due to anxiety or issues with transport, I was still able to speak to Julia via the phone. This flexibility really helped me to trust my therapist and the service.

I have felt accepted, supported and respected during my time in counselling. I feel this is the type of service that Confide strives to produce for service users.

During my time with Julia, I have felt encouraged to try new things. For example I signed up for a distance learning course with Shrewsbury College. I have recently found out that I passed my course. This has given me confidence in myself that I can achieve goals despite any difficulties that I may be having. I also feel that I would now be able to progress to a higher level of studying.

Counselling has helped me to understand my past experiences more. I feel more able to move on from the things that have troubled me in the past. I have also learned coping strategies to deal with the present, such as mindfullness and CBT techniques. I feel more able to use those techniques myself and I am confident I can manage my mental health more successfully now. I have also started going out of the house a bit more. Although I still find this difficult I do feel I have made some progress in this area.

Confide is a vital source of support for service users who may “fall through the gaps” in traditional service provision.

I would like to thank Julia and the service for the help that has been given to me over the past few months. I feel that I am now on the road to recovery and I have hope for the future.