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Individual Counselling in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin

Individual Counselling

Fast Track Service

Our Fast Track Service ensures that people are seen quickly. Also appointment times can be better tailored to individual needs.  An Initial appointment, to explore whether or not counselling is likely to be helpful, will normally be offered within 2 weeks of applying. Subsequent appointments will usually begin the week after the initial appointment.

The service costs £40 per session for day-time appointments and £45 for evening appointments.

Low Fee Service

Our charitable ethos means that we are able to offer some low fee counselling sessions. The service operates on a scale of fees depending on your income and personal circumstances.

There is normally a waiting list for this service, the length of time varies. If you can be flexible about where and when you attend for counselling the wait will be shorter.

Telephone Service

We now offer counselling by telephone for the above services at the same cost. This service is particularly suited to individuals who find it difficult or daunting to come for a face to face appointment, this service is available for those who live in rural areas, have caring responsibilities, are parents, have work committments that make it difficult to find time to travel, who are disabled or who have a social anxiety which prevents them from getting out. Please visit the contact us page to apply for this service. For more information download our leaflet 

“It made me think about my situation with a clearer head, it was very good – a bit scary, but very helpful.”

“There was a good waiting area, good access and a good exiting strategy.”

“It made me realise that I can make myself happy”